Feel good fashion raising funds for vulnerable women and their children fleeing domestic violence.

Here it is....

Wow, what an awesome feeling, this is it!

You may not know about the Women In Need Facebook group, it was set up to source items needed by survivors of domestic violence living in a refuge in London. The group has sourced anything and everything, frequently these little families don't have a choice, this wasn't planned so they leave their homes with nothing.

You may also not know that if you leave your job (even to save your life or the life of your child) you aren't entitled to benefits. So they are going through the worst of times without anything and alone.

We've done a great job, we've sourced incredible quantities of shoes, clothes and winter coats. The triple buggy recently was an absolute triumph and the amazingly generous women in our FB group have even gone out and bought gifts! We've celebrated religious holidays, world book day, International Women's day, drama sessions for the children have been donated and so much more. Fills my heart with pride to know a women in our city was given a gift from one of us that has lifted her spirits in her darkest of days.

So if we have done such a great job why the sweatshirt? Sometimes cash is required, perhaps to pay for an oyster-card so a mum can go to an interview, or to buy something we can't source second hand. Our amazing products are the ultimate in feel good fashion organic/recycled/fair wear we have made it our mission to find an awesome supplier. Our printers in the UK are just as principled you wont find any zero hour contracts with them. We may also be their favourite client as we turn up with cakes ; )

Anyway if you have questions don't hesitate to contact us we are super excited about the product and hope you will be too.

Whether you buy a sweatshirt or not join the group on facebook if you are local to us or start a facebook group your self and support a refuge near to you (there will be one unfortunately).

Don't for get to slap your selfies on instagram and tag us #womeninneedlondon




April 20, 2017 by Georgie Burke